Kyiv, December 9, 2019, 04:00–07:00 pm
“Oasis” Conference Hall
1a Lipkovskogo Street, “Ultramarin” Entertainment Complex, 3rd floor


“Transition to the Next Stage of Evolution of the Bitbon System”

“Global update of the official information resource of the Bitbon System — Bitbon System website, and introduction of Bitbon into the international legal field will provide major development to the Bitbon System”. CEO of Simcord
Aleksandr Kud


Part 1

Presentation of the One Space platform and new architecture of the Bitbon Space website

New opportunities and tools for promoting the Bitbon System, forming business communities, as well as for building and developing of relations based on the blockchain technology:

  • documents that ensure operation of the Bitbon System within the legal framework: scientific and legal opinions “Digital Assets as an Object of Legal Regulation” and “Legal Nature of the Bitbon System’s Functioning”, as well as the legal opinion “Determining Whether the Bitbon Blockchain Token Corresponds to a Digital Asset”;
  • Bitbon System White Paper with a convenient organization of processes, activity areas and statuses of tasks;
  • updated Bitbon Protocol and its Appendices;
  • presentation of the 2nd edition of the monograph “Digital Assets and Their Economic and Legal Regulation in the Light of the Blockchain Technology Development”.
Part 2

Information briefing

Use a real opportunity to receive reasoned answers to questions concerning:

  • the field of digital and information economy;
  • legislative activity and legal processes of regulating the blockchain technology;
  • the next stages of the Bitbon System development.

The event will last for 3 hours
Seats are limited

You can take part in the information briefing presentation
only after registration

The briefing presentation will start in:


Registration for the briefing presentation is closed due to the large number of people interested and limit of seats in the hall.